unsinkable hunhan

I was reading people’s tweet talking about luhan’s activity on weibo and this idea struck me all of a sudden.

Luhan goes online very often and it usually lasts a few hours. What if Luhan actually owns a Sehun fanbase and the times he was online were actually to update on Sehun’s schedule?

And since he is online so often, he would be using common internet slangs and he be fanboying about Sehun, probably not squealing but clutch his heart when he finds a cute sehun gif? And he’ll be scrolling through pics and gifs of hunhan and he sits there smiling to himself the whole time.

And he’ll find some hunhan fics and decides to read it out of curosity and fists at his chest because of all the fluff. And when he sees sehun walking past, he’ll smile at him sweetly, walk to him and hug him from behind saying how much he means to him just like how it is written in the fics he read.

And Sehun’ll be like, wtf hyung. What is wrong with you? And sehun walks away with an eyeroll, leaving poor luhan behind, going back to reading his hunhan fics.

Q: Wht r u expecting frm the exos showtime


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Super secret ladybug council meeting to discuss ladybug super secrets

"we must conspire against the bunnies"


secret bunny conference

"the ladybugs are on to us"

exo’s vocal line
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